As it was, we found ourselves longing for inspiration, a creative place where we could make things happen and motivate ourselves to do better, be better. We quit our former obligations and created our atelier, an imaginative space that could be anything we wanted, a space that could fit all the projects that we’d been dreaming of. Unusual co-operations would take place here, an online store would open and lots of other exciting projects are now starting to take shape in the atelier. We wanted to create ourselves but also to work with others that share our appreciation for well-made design and attention to detail. We wanted to collaborate with smaller producers that feel passionately about what they do, searching for great artisans that use solid materials or sell products with integrity and care about sustainability. We’re convinced that if a product has been thoughtfully and deliberately made (with respect for form and function), it has a much bigger chance to survive for a longer time, especially since we will want to take good care of it because we appreciate the value being built into it. We, ourselves, do not want to fill our homes with just anything, the things we chose to be present in our daily lives, need for us, to have value. With that being said, welcome to the atelier, we hope you’ll enjoy it.